Why Are We The Best?

  • Our manufacturing policy follows more than 20 years of experience in the UK, where Premier Nutrition is the leading independent supplier of premixes. Like them, we at Nutrition Partners use pharmaceutical grade mixers that deliver improved mixing, and a residue-free product.

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) dramatically reduces quality problems by directing resources to specific areas in our process that are deemed critical to end product quality. We use nearly 20 Quality Control Points.

  • Customer formulation requirements are entered into our product database by registered Nutritionists. Control points during the manufacturing process record all key operations to deliver total traceability in every product batch.

  • Our food safety philosophy, which sets the industry standard, extends across all aspects of our service to guarantee production of the final product.

Our Tools

Available to clients of Nutrition Partners is the Atlas Ingredients Database. It is a comprehensive raw material matrix, and comprises the basis of all our feed formulations. It is updated regularly by examination scientific literature and from contributions from various scientific institutes and individuals and provides you with the most up-to-date nutrition profiles available.
Quality control of feed ingredients and finished products is essential to ensure that feed can be fed with confidence and performance targets can be reached. By tracking our production at the order level, we can ensure that the feed you are providing your livestock is accurate and effective.
Research, and the commercial application of that research, is essential if an industry is to prosper. Nutrition partners are involved directly in a number of research projects, involving both the private and public sectors.
To make informed decisions, you must know what is happening on your farm. Nutrition Partners offers management applications that allow you to monitor and analyze both the technical and economic performance of your livestock. With all variables in hand, you can make quick and knowledgeable decisions.

Poultry Team

The poultry team is a partnership between Nutrition Partners and Poultry Health Services. Led by Shawn Fairbairn, the partnership gives us a comprehensive health and nutrition offering for Canadian poultry producers. We’ve always believed that having a nutritionist and vet working together yields the most positive results.

Swine Team

Lead by Jan Geurts, the swine team is focused on the results of our customers. Using our global network of nutritionists and veterinarians, we bring our customers innovative solutions that deliver a profitable difference.

Dairy Team

Our dairy business, nutripartenaire is based out of Quebec and services the eastern Canadian dairy market. The team, lead by the Directeur Général, Bruno Gosselin focuses on the producers needs. By bringing nutrition and technology together, nutripartenaire provides value and results for their producers and independent commercial partners.

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